@DaBoyBaKe “SUGAR WATER DREAMS” #BaKesDozen 7 of 13

Knarley! Presents: #BaKesDozen with 13 visuals to be released in 13 consecutive weeks starring Da Boy BaKe and exclusively filmed by Umpire Films. This seventh release titled “Sugar Water Dreans” (produced by Pogue Brothers; singing credit to Lamar Richardson) BaKe uses a 70’s sound to express his long term aspirations of being an overachieving father to his children. Even though BaKe was raised on government assistance he never allowed that to define who he was, or how his future would turn out. During this visual BaKe reminisces on his days growing up poor enjoying a glass of, good old fashion, Sugar Water. Fathers, please love your children because they are not guaranteed to be with you forever. RIP Tyrone ‘BIG GUY’ ‘NUK’ Bowers-Morris Jr. ENJOY!


– Make sure to stay HYDRATED with VITAMINWATER (@vitaminwater)
– For all cluXsiv apparel needs contact Cairo Brewer (@xclusivcc)
– To Purchase KNARLEY CHAINS (knarleypromotions@gmail.com)
– Download the FREE beat CD #WeUpNext (http://www.payloadz.com/d1/freeproducts.asp?id=1631006)

@DaBoyBake http://www.DaBoyBake.com
@KnarleyMovement http://www.ImSoKnarley.blogspot.com
@PogueBrothers http://www.PogueBrothers.com
@UmpireFilms http://www.UmpireFilms.com


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