@DaBoyBaKe “DUH” #BaKesDozen 8 of 13

Knarley! Presents: #BaKesDozen with 13 visuals to be released in 13 consecutive weeks starring Da Boy BaKe and exclusively filmed by Umpire Films. This eighth release titled “Duh” (produced by Pogue Brothers) BaKe expresses the misunderstanding of the many accomplishments the Knarley! Movement has done Independently. In this visual BaKe pays homage to his teammates and the dedication it takes to be successful, and the confidence it takes to be DIFFERENT. Da Boy Bake nor the Knarley! Movement looks for validation from others on the progress they continue to have. The truth is in the pudding, DUH! Throughout this visual you will see Knarley Krew member Drew Cash of N $ V N i T i, South Jersey Juggernaut MC Big Worm aka Fat Synatra, and BaKe just having FUN being Knarley!.


– Make sure to stay HYDRATED with VITAMINWATER. (@vitaminwater)
– Get your Snapbacks & Shirts from Profound Aesthetic (@PROFOUNDCO)
– To Purchase KNARLEY CHAINS (knarleymerchandise@gmail.com)

@DaBoyBake http://www.DaBoyBake.com
@KnarleyMovement http://www.ImSoKnarley.blogspot.com
@PogueBrothgers http://www.PogueBrothers.com
@UmpireFilms http://www.UmpireFilms.com


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