[Mixtape] Burga – Never Broke Again WRNR

Antonio Gordon aka Burga (@Burga321), was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida which is located in Brevard County or as Burga likes to call it, Count Down County 321. As the second oldest child of five, his family has always been paramount in his life. Even as a youth Burga remembers having a deep admiration for his parents and their marriage. His oldest brother K-Lo tops the list of his musical influences. K-lo is the one that sharpened Burga’s rap skills by engaging in mock rap battles with him. As for the majors, Burga states that 2Pac, the Notorious BIG, Lil Wayne, and Young Jeezy are among the most influential.

Burga’s life took a turn during his early high school years when his family started experiencing financial difficulties and he felt compelled to help, which cause him to partake in street hustling. Soon later, Burga’s attention was solely on hustling and music, which placed school on the back burner and he eventually dropped out in the tenth grade. Years later after several mixtapes and hundreds of shows Mr. Say My Name is ready to take it to the next level with his new label and brand NBA MOB. The acronym stands for Never Broke Again Money Over Sh** and that is his main focus. Burga states, It’s all about mindset, fell me, being bout your business. Get money, flip it, take care of ya family, be motivated out here, and never give up. If you on that come vibe with the Mob.

Hosting his new street album Never Broke Again is one other than the Street’s A&R Bigga Rankin. Bigga states on the mixtape Florida, this is the hardest mixtape in 2014, we got us one. The street album will surely please true core Burga fans. Mixed by 250 Plus the CD has a natural vibe which you can ride to. Burga captures the streets again and true music fans with real life and radio friendly records. Burga’s music is undeniable and the WRNR stamp of approval was definitely long over due.



Breezy Says Marketing Group LLC is the name of the company, we are international web promoters/marketers and there is a team behind this entity. Breezy (CEO/president) is proud to say there are people who believe and are willing to put in work for this company to grow even bigger.

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